Solutions and Fees

How I may be able to help

Everything starts with an informal chat to establish what clients are looking for and whether I can help. If I believe that myself, or one of my associates, can help, you will receive a formal written proposal, a full specification of what we will be doing together with desired outcomes, the timetable and costs.

My fees are based on an hourly rate which usually equates to between £1,400 to £2,500 per day depending upon the type of work. The higher end tends to apply to projects requiring expertise such as appearing as an expert witness. For charities who need my help I endeavour to work on a pro bono basis wherever possible.


Both myself, and the people I work with, are incredibly committed to helping clients with the challenges they face with regard to employee health and the risks they encounter if things go wrong.
Do get in touch if you think we can help you.