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My insights fall into two categories – papers I have written for the consideration of professionals and presentations I have made to various groups:

Professional papers

This year I was asked to prepare a discussion document for the Practitioner Groups of the Investment & Life assurance Group (an industry body). The paper deals with the role played by employers in the provision of workplace benefits and investigates trends that have occurred since benefits were first introduced to the workplace. It is entitled: Is there a trend towards employers becoming 'facilitators' of benefits in the workplace rather than 'funders'?

ILAG Hypothesis Final – click to download

Every year I write a contribution for the annually published Protection Review. This year's contribution can be found here, and draws heavily on the ILAG paper referred to earlier.

PRBook.docx – click to download

Back in 2008, I wrote a paper for the Income Protection Task Force commenting primarily on Government Health Policy. I have included it now because I believe the comments I made regarding the development of the Group Income Protection market are still valid.

Group Income Protection White Paper – click to download

For the 2014 edition of the Protection Review I was asked to comment specifically on Income Protection and Auto-enrolment. Here is my contribution and observations.

Market Review 2014– click to download


I spoke at the 2014 Independent Healthcare Forum (organised by Laing Buisson) on the subject of Employee Health and what employers seek from Group Private Medical Insurance.

Slides from that presentation can be found here

EmployeeHealthv3.pptx – click to download

Phil Friend and I have recently presented to several hundred HR professionals on the subject of 'Disability in the Workplace'. The slides we used are here, if you want to know the significance of the canary do get in touch!

DisabilityRightsUKpresentation2014 – click to download

In 2011 I had occasion to carry out research for a client into the trends that were taking place in the Group Income Protection Market – with particular reference to large employers in the Financial Services sector. I interviewed nine companies who between them employed over 60,000 staff. The summary results of this research are set out in this presentation which I made to the Income Protection Task Force.

Group Income Protection Presentation – click to download

Occasionally I am asked to comment on the Private Medical Insurance Market - an area I am not very familiar with, but which I do see as being important in overall risk management for employers and individuals. Here is a presentation I gave in 2009.

Private Medical Insurance Presentation – click to download