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I started my career with Legal & General working in pension scheme design and investment strategy. A series of career moves, however, led me to specialise in the employee benefits aspects of employee health (and related issues such as managing long term absence). Ten years with the global benefits provider Cigna served as a great introduction to the then new concept of managed care, and a better understanding of how healthcare provision was as much about risk management as about buying insurance.

Over the last 30 years I have worked in both benefit consulting (leading teams at large consulting firms such as Towers Watson) and as a freelance consultant. The latter role has included helping employers ensure that they comply with equality law, health risk management generally and some expert witness work at the High Court.

As a former Director at Disability Rights UK I am very committed to helping people with disabilities of all ages and backgrounds. Sadly not everyone with a disability is able to experience work, which for many people brings not only income but camaraderie and self-respect. The charity campaigns to ensure that people experiencing disability can participate in society as full citizens, and to break the link between disability and poverty.

I hold a qualifying law degree (LLB Hons) and am recognised by the Chartered Insurance Institute as a Chartered Insurance Practitioner (ACII qualified). In 2006 I was elected a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts after helping them to formulate their strategy for disability discrimination compliance.

I sit on the Executive Committee of the Income Protection Task Force and am also a member of several practitioner teams at the Investment & Life Assurance Group (ILAG). ILAG is a trade body representing members from the Life Assurance and Wealth Management industries.

If you are not bored by now, you can read more about me here: LinkedIn